Here I will show you some good traffic exchange programs that may interest you and talk a bit about each one of them.


Link Referral is one of the best traffic resources I found. It´s one of the sites from where most of my visitors come.

It works like that... you get one account there and start browsing other people´s sites and reviewing them. They ask you to browse 30 sites and review 5 daily. If you do this everyday you get higher ranking there. You also get your site reviewed and can put the reviews on it for people to see.

You can also get good ranking by making their page your start up browser page and can build a downline of referrals there.


Also one of the best in my opinion since I get lots of visitors from there.

As soon as you register and become an active member (meaning you surf other people´s sites there) you get 100 points bonus to use for exchanging traffic. The more you surf the more credits you make and more visitors you get. Like LinkReferral you also get credits if make their page your start up browser page.

Downline also available.


In the business of traffic exchange for a long time this website has banner rotation. So if you put their html code on your site your banner will rotate on other people´s sites and theirs on yours. It´s also a manual surfing site where you can build a downline.  


TrafficEra is a manual surfing traffic exchange site that gives bonus points while surfing. I already got lots of bonus there.

You can also build a downline of referrals. This site is very known and works really good.


This is a banner rotator exchange site also with manual surf. If you put their html code on your site be sure your banner will appear on thousands of websites on the internet. You can also build a downline.


This site is different from the others, it doesn´t have manual surf. As soon as you create your account your url becomes the first in their list. You get your own links webpage and other people that sign up under you get their url as the first and so on. Like that you build a Linkback webpage of your own.


A banner exchange website where banners rotate. So all you need to do it´s put their code on your website for banners or text ads.


A banner rotator website very known by bloggers.


A blog directory. Where you sign up your blog and browse other people´s blogs. Very nice to find interesting blogs to read and comment on. Also my mine of gold of visitors.


On BlogMad you get credits by surfing other people´s blogs and can buy banners and text links. It´s also possible to put a ranking button on your blog showing how active you are on the directory. I am a Junior Member :-)

For every single credit you'll get there you get 200 banner views across the internet!

There is also the VARB button that when you put on your blog allows other bloggers to vote for it and also adverts to put on your blog that helps you get more traffic.


Another interesting blog directory where you surf other people´s blogs, get banners, buttons and so on.

The interesting about these blog directories is that you can blogmark your favorite sites then you can always visit them again.


On adgitize you make money while get traffic to your blog with a 125x125 widget ad.
Here are some benefits you will gain signing up:


Earn for Ad Views on Your Blog

Earn for Page Views
Earn for Blog Articles You Write
Earn While Visiting our Advertisers
Excellent Reporting
Monthly Payouts


Reach Entire Network of Publishers
Get More Traffic Everyday
Earn Cash Rebates on Your Ads
One Low Monthly Price
Monthly Payouts on Cash Rebates

Ps.: In most of these sites you get the chance to upload your own banner ads and text ads with your url and website description. 

There are so many sites like these out there that I could pass a day posting them here. But to start building traffic would be good to sign up to at least 5 of these sites. For me these are the best ones. You don´t need to surf in all of them everyday, you just need to organize yourself to for example, surf on two today and on another two different ones tomorrow. It´s a nice way to start. As I can´t pay for traffic for me this is the best way to build it for free.

Also another good way to get readers is to visit other people´s websites. Comment on their posts, leave messages on the shoutboxes and even get some nice links exchange :-) It´s a good way to make friends that have the same interests as you do.

Also don´t forget to get a Google Analitics account or a FeedJit on your blog to see from where people are coming from. Than you can see what traffic exchange sites are working better for you :-)

Hope this helps for now. Good luck with your traffic building experience :-D




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